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You'll be glad you chose our local roofing company in Lawton, OK

The Intimidator might have been talking about racing, but any business owner can relate to winning and losing to competitors. Garry Little Roofing LLC strives to be the best in the business by providing top-notch roofing services to Lawton, OK residents. Our local roofing company has been exceeding expectations since 1993.

You'll find our community presence and industry knowledge are second to none. Contact us today to work with a leading local roofing company.

We've got two crews on standby

Some racing teams have a satellite team they can send in as needed. Similarly, we employ two licensed and insured crews to provide...

  • Rapid roof repair services so homeowners can pick up the pieces after severe storms
  • Efficient roof installation services so contractors can keep new construction projects on track
  • Prompt skylight installation and chimney repair services so property owners can move forward with their real estate transactions

We can obtain city permits for your convenience.

Let's talk shop

Need roof replacement services? OK, would you prefer to own an asphalt shingle, a metal or a wood shingle roof? We can have a drivers' meeting to discuss your project specs and budget, then provide a free estimate.

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